Welcome to Fanø Vesterhavsbad
Golf Club

Fanø Vesterhavsbad Golf Club is open for new members, and i you can become a full-time member of one of Denmark’s most modestly priced golf Clubs.

We offer low dues with full rights to play for all club members. In addition to low dues, club membership also includes many club events for all members.825

The golf club is situated west of Denmark’s fifth-largest city, Esbjerg, on the holiday island of Fanø. The trip by ferry takes only 12 minutes from Esbjerg, which means transport is not an obstacle for playing golf every day. There is an excellent bus service from the ferry to the golf course. In addition to golf, the island also offers a wide variety of other activities for the entire family, both summer and winter.

To join, call the secretariat on tel.: +45 21204249, weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm, or write to: http://www.fanoe-golfklub.dk/ and we’ll contact you!

All members of FVG are welcome to use FVG’s training facilities at Fanø Efterskole free of charge.

About the club

Fanø Vesterhavsbads Golf Club is one of Denmark’s oldest golf clubs. It was founded in 1948 by a group of holidaying golf enthusiasts and summer cottage owners who visited Fanø and played on the golf course, which dates back to 1898, making it the first golf course in Denmark.

Today the golf club consists of a large number of Danish and foreign members who enjoy playing the more than 100-year-old links course which is so beautifully incorporated into the dunescape in the northern part of the island.

As a golf club, we host a number of open tournaments every year.

Fanø Vesterhavsbad Golf Club
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