A unique era and location

The winds of time have blown over Fanø Golf Links for more than 100 years, with spas, wars and economic trends all leaving their mark on the course as it stands today.

At the turn of the last century, Fanø was transformed into a novel by Thomas Mann, attracting Europeans with the time and the means to take spa holidays – and with a taste for new, exotic destinations. Beach promenades, music pavilions, grand villas and seaside hotels popped up – and the first golf holes were established among the dunes for summering guests at the international seaside resort Fanø Vesterhavsbad.

Fanø Golf Links comprising nine holes was inaugurated in 1901 with the first open golf tournament in Denmark: the Open Golf Championship of Denmark. The winner was a professional golfer from Scotland, Robert Dunlop – not surprising perhaps since he was also the designer of the course.

In 1930, Fanø Golf Links was expanded to 18 holes, and after World War II, the fortifications were again replaced by golf, where the battle in sport only lasts the duration of a match.

Men in straw hats and women in white dresses lived the sweet life on Fanø, and now it is our turn. Time is forgotten as you pass through the landscape, which has changed very little over the decades. And when you return to the clubhouse marked with the year it was built – 1898 – you can almost believe it.